As Brave As You (October book club)

Beer? Bullets?

You do for book club….what you might not do otherwise!

Our book this month was As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds, Kirkus Award Finalist, Schneider Family Book Award Winner, and a Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book.

It’s a story about two brothers who decide to prove how brave they are during their summer visit to their grandparents’ house in the South. When they do, everything backfires. Literally.

Through it all, Genie and Ernie learn that being a man isn’t only about proving something but also about owning up to what you don’t want to do.

It’s such a great book…but then again, I say that about EVERY one of Jason Reynold’s books!

For this month’s book club, we went to Mark and Amy Scholten’s house in the country and learned about guns…and how to shoot them. Mark showed us his guns, delighted us with his adventurous hunting stories, taught us about gun safety, and patiently helped us do some target practice.

Our book club didn’t end up just being about guns. We also did some Sighted Guide Technique practice. A colleague and friend of mine at Hope College, Susan Cherup, does an amazing activity with her Exceptional Child class students where she teaches them how to use SGT. SGT is one of the first forms of Orientation and Mobility techniques taught to persons with visual impairments. It’s an effective way for a person with a visual impairment to move around in a safe manner in an unfamiliar area and involved having the person with a visual impairment grab the sighted person’s arm, just above the elbow. To help us gain more insight into Grandpop’s experiences, we tried our own version of Susan’s activity!

After being guided around by our SGT partners, all of us were more impressed with Grandpop’s abilities to maneuver so well around his house.

As for the food for this month? We enjoyed homemade sweet black tea, apples, ginger beer, and peas (though not picked from our garden!). We opted not to have squirrel.

All in all, quite the epic book club this month. Looking forward to our next adventure together!

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