The Journey of Little Charlie (September book club)

This month’s book took us back in time to the 1850s and to Possum Moan, South Carolina. The Bobos are poor white sharecroppers. Little Charlie, our protagonist, is a giant of a boy who finds himself involved in trying to capture runaway slaves.

In the Author’s Note, Christopher Paul Curtis writes: “We’re all heroes in our dreams. When looking back at some grand historical injustice I’m sure you’ve probably done as I have and said, ‘If I had been around at that time I would’ve…’ Then you fill in the blank with whatever courageous, endangering action you would have taken to right this wrong. Which is fine, except chances are good that that’s pretty much a self-delusional lie.”

In our story, Little Charlie learns how to use his voice and show courage and be a hero in real ways.

We talked about so many things during our discussion of the book…about when we have and haven’t stood up for what we believe in, about what we learned about the slave trade and Southern Ontario, about what it means to be courage, and about how Capt’n Buck might just be one of the worst villains we’ve ever met.

Such a good book to read together and discuss. Such an important topic to know about. Such a great author to learn from.

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