Two Against the North (January bookclub)

Our annual father-son book club meeting was once again a success!

January’s book club brought us an adventure story set in northern Manitoba and the southwestern part of the Northwest Territories in 1935. Two Against the North by Farley Mowat is a coming of age tale of two teenage boys who go on a winter mission to help a neighboring village find food. During this mission Jamie and Awasin become trapped and have to find shelter and food in order to survive till the summer. Their adventures include going on a caribou hunt, building a log cabin and dealing with snow blindness.

What better way to talk about this book than outdoors in the snow with ziplines, a tree fort, lots of trees and fun-loving dads?

The boys and dad enjoyed eating venison, biscuits, and caribou jerky, drinking warm tea, talking about favorite parts in the book and playing outdoors together.

Thanks Snyders for letting us come back to “The Land”!

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