The Crossover (January book club)

“Basketball Rule #1

In this game of life
your family is the court
and the ball is your heart.
No matter how good you are,
no matter how down you get,
always leave
your heart
on the court.”

 Kwame AlexanderThe Crossover


This month we met to discuss Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover. It was especially exciting because it was the annual Father-Son bookclub meeting AND we met in Hope College’s Devos Fieldhouse AND we got to meet and play with three of Hope’s basketball players – Danny, Preston, and Jordan.


There was food, of course – Kentucky Fried Chicken and donuts.

Then a discussion that included listening to Horace Silver’s Filthy Mcnasty, talking about favorite parts of the book and asking our guests some of their own basketball stories. Ah, this book is such a good book!

“Basketball Rule #2 (random text from Dad)
Hustle dig
Grind push
Run fast
Change pivot
Chase pull
Aim shoot
Work smart
Live smarter
Play hard
Practice harder”
― Kwame AlexanderThe Crossover

And then it was basketball time!

“Basketball Rule #10

A loss is inevitable,
like snow in winter.
True champions
to dance
the storm.”
― Kwame AlexanderThe Crossover

Thanks Danny, Jordan, Preston and all the dads for helping to make this month’s book club so fun! Maybe we’ll end up seeing some of these boys playing for Hope College someday!


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