Dead End In Norvelt (January book club)


…we have to save the history we have. You never know what small bit of it might change your life–or change the whole world.

Don’t ever forget your history,” she sang, “or any wicked soul can lie to you and get away with it.”

Welcome to Norvelt! (eleaNOR rooseVELT)


Wise words and history lessons from Miss Volkers were only part of the fun at this month’s book club meeting. There was also Mrs Gantos’ canned pickles and peaches, “poisoned” chocolates from Mr. Spizz, Bunny’s Girl Scout Thin Mints in baggies, kleenexes for bloody noses, and of course, a can of 1080.

And…did I mentioned there were dads?! The second annual Dad-led book club happened this month and it was a smashing success.

The boys and dads wrote obituaries that Miss Volkers would have been proud of. Modeled after her obituary for the burned house, they wrote obits for deceased fish, flys, bikes, and toys.

They shared “this day in history” facts about what happened on their birthdays and talked about Jack’s crazy family, being grounded, helping out elderly ladies, and flying planes.


The highlight of the afternoon, though, just might have been building bomb shelters…

…and then having the dads bang on the finished products with the boys inside.

Jack Gantos would have been proud.


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