Wednesday Wars (November book club)

“Maybe the first time that you know you really care about something is when you think about it not being there, and when you know-you really know-that the emptiness as much as inside you as outside you.For it falls out, that what we have we prize not to the worth whiles we enjoy it; but being lacked and lost, why, then we rack the value, then we find the virtue that possession would not show us while it was ours.That’s when I knew for the first time that I really did love my sister.” (Holling Hoodhood)


Holling Hoodhood and Mrs Baker would have been impressed. This month’s book club included cream puffs (without the chalk dust), Shakespearian insults (and a few of our own), a cross-country running race, and chili eating with hot dogs as spoons.

“A southwest blow on ye and blister you all o’er!’
‘The red plague rid you!’
‘Toads, beetles, bats, light on you!’
‘As wicked dew as e’er my mother brushed with raven’s feather from unwholesome fen drop on you.’
‘Strange stuff’
‘Thou jesting monkey thou’
‘Apes with foreheads villainous low’
‘Pied ninny’
‘Blind mole…’
-The Caliban Curses”

We met at a beautiful park and enjoyed the fall weather while talking about Holling, his crazy family, the Vietnam war, and baseball. We wrote Shakespearian insults and read them aloud to each other and then ran around the park as fast as Holling did when the rats chased him.

May our boys grow into this delightfully humorous and profound story and its themes of love and hope and belonging.

Thanks so much to the Traver and Vizithum-Johnson families for hosting!

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