The Bronze Bow (August book club)

Our book for August was Elizabeth George Speare’s The Bronze Bow. Such a good book!

We ate olives, goat cheese, and flat bread and enjoyed some “kid” wine. Then, we talked about the book. And, boy did we talk about the book!


Sonya shared pictures and stories about her recent trip to Israel with Nathaniel’s older brother. We saw pictures of the kinds of caves that Rosh and his men lived in and got to see where Daniel lived. It was so neat that Sonya had visited most of the places mentioned in the book.

We discussed some of the possible themes in the book – love vs hate, salvation, freedom, revenge. And, perhaps best of all, we learned about The Tent of Nations and their motto “We refuse to be enemies”. Sonya visited The Tent of Nations during her time in Israel and shared some incredible stories about trusting in God’s providence, choosing to love instead of hate, and using God-given creativity to solve problems. We talked about how The Tent of Nation people are beautiful modern-day examples of the kind of person Daniel became at the end of the book.


We also played some fun games that emphasized some of the lessons Daniel learned – to focus on the right things in life and to rely on others.

All in all, another amazing book club experience. A big thanks to the Honeycutt family for organizing such a meaningful and thought-provoking book club!

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