The One and Only Ivan (April book club)



This month, we met to discuss Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan. A big thanks to the Stewart and Fuentes families for leading book club – it really was an epic afternoon!

The highlights? Just check them out!

Food: Me-balls, Ivan’s favorite Yogurt covered raisins, cotton candy and popcorn!

A surprise visit from a gorilla: Nicole asked the boys to walk down the hallway and check out the animals that might be in Ivan’s natural habitat. The boys walked past a giraffe, a leopard, and a tiger (all leftovers from the church’s Vacation Bible School program last year). Then, they spotted a gorilla – they assumed it was just like the other animals and went over to touch it. They were SHOCKED (ok, we all were!) when the gorilla came to life! Just check out the boys’ faces on the pictures above – even when we took the group picture, many of the boys were still checking out the gorilla to try to figure out what was going on! Hysterical laughing on my part contributed to the less than quality pictures you see!)

Discussion: Keren led us in a discussion – we watched a video of a class having a discussion about The One and Only Ivan and then Keren gave the boys prompt suggestions for talking about the book. It worked SO well! We talked about friendship, animal rights, courage, family…so many amazing themes in this book!

Keren then had us make theme connections with all of the books we’ve read together. We worked in small groups – it was so neat to see all of the connections the boys made!

We ended by making book trailers on ipads.

Epic indeed. Can’t wait for next month! (a huge thanks to James and Andrew’s dad for dressing up like Ivan!)



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