Island of the Blue Dolphins (May book club)

This month we read and talked about Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins. It was the last book in our survival series and it brought us to a very different part of the United States – to a small island off the coast of California.


IMG_8546We began book club by writing down our secret names (Karana had two names – a name that she shared with others and then a secret name) and then talking about the book. We talked about some of Karana’s survival strategies, about the setting of the book, and about themes of forgiveness and respect for all of life.

We then did what we love to do in book club – ate book-related food! A big thanks to the Travers from bringing such fantastic foods!




We ate yucca, seaweed salad, cactus, little fish, ginger candies, and squid. Yup. Squid. Bravo to all the adventurous eaters we had!

After eating, we did some soap carving (a great way to practice for whittling wood) and some petroglyph drawing.



We then went outside (in the rain!) for some good ole spearing throwing.


The boys decorated their spears (aka wooden branches) and then used water balloons as targets.

Good times had by all!




Already looking forward to next month!

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