Island of the Blue Dolphins (book summary by Jacob)



Karana lives on the Island of the Blue Dolphins and she is a Native. She lives her life on this island and then a ship comes and it comes when Karana and her little brother were getting roots for the village. At first Karana saw the boat as only a little teeny whale. Then it came closer and her brother said, “it’s a whale”. And then Ramo, her brother, ran off and she said that because he ran off, he won’t be able to eat the roots.

All the people hid behind the rocks when the ship came. The men hid behind the rocks and the women hid behind the bushes. A rowboat came and there was 3 men in it and it came on shore and then one had a long black beard and then there was one with a teeny red beard and then was one kind of like my dad’s.

Then the chief came and they talked. The chief said we get half of the share of the otter you hunt. Then the captain said no. You only get a quarter because we do the hunting. The chief said, it is our land. The captain then said ok.

-everyone left the island

-Karana jumped off the ship to get to her brother


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