The Sign of the Beaver reading update (by Jacob)


Right now we are about 1/2 way through Sign of the Beaver. Here’s my narration of what we’ve been reading:

Attean and Matt were walking through the woods and Attean showed him where the beaver was and he thought that peopoe would hunt there but he said no, only the people of the beaver hunt there because they owned this land. A notch on the tree would keep away peope from hunting there.  Matt was like, only that little notch shows you can’t hunt there?

Then Attean showed him the turtle people because it showed how the people raised the turtles and then hunt them.  Once they were going to see the beavers again and a cub of a brown bear showed up and the big brown bear showed up and almost attacked them and Matt threw his dead bunny at the bear’s head and then Attean shot an arrow and it missed. But then he shot again and then he killed the bear.

My questions

Why is it called The Sign of the Beaver? Here’s my guess: At first when they saw the beaver he saw this little thing and he thought it was an ax but it was a beaver.

Who is my favorite character? Attean is my favorite character because he is fun and even if he doesn’t like stuff he keeps on doing it and he doesn’t give up.

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