The Sign of the Beaver (April book club, by David)

My dad is reading Sign of the Beaver to us right now because we’re doing it for our April book club. We are about half way through the book. I will summarize the book in this post (my mom will type it for me).

sign of the beaver

Matt is the main character. He has a mom, a dad, one sister and no brothers. He lives in Massachusetts in 1768. The mom and dad are not living with him right now. The dad is now getting the mom and sister and Matt is by himself.

Before his dad left, he gave Matt his gun. A man went to Matt’s house named Ben and when he saw Matt’s gun he really wanted it because it looked so good so in the morning Matt noticed that Ben stole his gun. And he couldn’t hunt anymore. Then while Matt was gone fishing he looked into his house and saw that a bear had broken everything in his house. So he lost his flour, his cooking supplies and stuff. Then he was just bored of just eating fish and then one day, a long time ago, before his dad left, his dad told him about a beehive. Matt wanted something really sweet and good so he went to try it out. At first the bees did not notice him. He thought that a few stings wouldn’t hurt but his thought was wrong. When he put his hand in, swarms came after him. He went from head to toe with bees all over him. He needed to get to water. And he finally got into the water but every time he got a breath, more bees got him.

Finally two Indians helped him. One was old and one was young. They young one was named Attean. They carried him home. He didn’t know what was happening so the last thing he knew he was by a swarm of bees and the next thing he knew he was in his own bed. He guessed he had slept for one and a half days. The older man and Attean brought him food every day. When Matt was better (when the stings didn’t hurt that much), when he woke up the older man gave him a staff because he couldn’t walk that well.

And he thought he should give a gift to them as a thank you for saving him. He looked all around the house for something good to give. He looked at his father’s Bible but couldn’t give that. He looked at his only book and it was called Robinson Crusoe. But Matt noticed that Attean could not read.

The older person noticed that Matt was puzzled with how to give the book to him and the older man said Matt had to teach Attean how to read Robinson Crusoe. And since Matt couldn’t catch food for himself, they brought food for him every day. As he got stronger every day he could fish and do stuff and he didn’t need the cane anymore. But his ankle still hurt.

One day Matt asked Attean how does he catch the big rabbits. And Attean showed him how to trap. At first his trap didn’t work and then he got a bird in his trap. And then one day Attean showed him how to fish. Attean first got a long branch and sharpened it with his knife. And then he waded into the water and whenever he saw a fish he threw it at it and caught it. Matt tried to do it but he fell in the water. Then Matt showed Attean how he fished and Matt caught a big fish but the fish ate the hook so Matt did not have any more hooks. Attean showed him how to make a new hook.

My questions about the book:

-Why is it called The Sign of the Beaver?

-Why doesn’t the author say which tribe Attean is from?

-How old is the older man?

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