Meeting Author Christopher Paul Curtis (by Jacob)

watsons IMG_0798

Last night we got to meet author Christopher Paul Curtis at a movie theater in Grand Rapids. Someone interviewed him and then we all got to watch the movie version of The Watsons Go To Birmingham.

I learned that he worked in a car factory and he hated his job and then he wanted to do something that was better and so he started writing The Watsons Go To Birmingham. This was 20 years ago when he was 42 years old.

I learned that he wrote most of his books by hand but now he writes with a computer.

The first time he wrote the book, he had the Watsons drive to Florida on their car trip. But then his editor said that he should change this and so he changed it to Birmingham.

Mr Curtis is kind of like the Watsons because he is funny and the Watsons are funny people.

I liked Kenny the best in the book because he was funny sometimes.

I liked the movie because it showed us how African Americans had to do the marches for Civil Rights.

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