Call of the Wild reading update (by David)

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Buck isn’t used to the cold at first and he isn’t used to eating so little because he was allowed to eat as much as he wanted to at his home in California.

Sled dogs sleep under the snow. They do this to keep warm during the night. They had to jump to get out in the mornings.

Someone, a person, has to go ahead of the dogs on the trail to test the ice to see if it’s too thin.

The owners of the dogs are hoping to find gold.

The sled dogs are rare so people find and steal dogs to make them sled dogs. Then they sell them to people who want sled dogs.

Since there weren’t snowmobiles, people had to use sled dogs.

The dogs steal each other’s food – fish, bacon (from the owners).

They run at least 40 miles a day.

If the dogs get in a fight or if a dog bites the owner or if they don’t listen, the owner clubs them. The owner says “I’m better than you with a club” and teaches the dogs to obey.

There are different kinds of Huskies.

It might be called The Call of the Wild because when Buck was under the snow, he heard wolves calling and he started howling too.

My questions:

Did people find gold? Who found the gold first? How did they know it was gold?

How many dogs did they need to pull a sled?

How did they get the fish for the dogs to eat?

How did Native Alaskans live differently than the White gold rushers/traders?

Why do the dogs die so early?

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