Call of the Wild book discussion (March book club, by David)

On Sunday afternoon, we met to talk about Call of the Wild.

IMG_7090 IMG_7046

We went around and said one thing about the book. Some people really liked the book. Some people thought it was very hard to read. Some people thought it was really sad and violent.

James’ mom brought along her snow cone maker and she made us all snow cones. We also ate salmon. Jordi-Luke’s mom made crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon and she brought gold!

IMG_7043 IMG_7047 IMG_7038 IMG_7037

We looked at these youtube clips:

Wolf Howling:

Iditarod 2015 preview:

Call of the Wild maps:

We also did a debate. We divided into groups and then we agreed or disagreed with these statements:

  • John Thorton should not have died in the story. (I agree. Buck would have lived longer with him. Buck loved him)
  • The book has a happy ending. (I disagree. John Thorton died and Buck thought it was his fault because he wasn’t there to protect him).
  • The Judge was Buck’s best master. (I disagree and agree. John Thorton was really nice and let him do what he wanted and he didn’t club him. The Judge was also nice because Buck got a ton of food and fair treatment)
  • Mushing isn’t fair to dogs. (I agree. The dogs should get to do what they want. Many mushers were mean to dogs).

We asked questions about the book:

  • Is the book too violent?
  • What happens after the book is over? When and how does Buck die?
  • Why did have to bring so much stuff on her sled?
  • Are dogs today like Buck?
  • Why do we like dogs more than wolves?

We ended book club by going outside and doing our own Iditarod!

IMG_7073 IMG_7071IMG_7062 IMG_7089

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